When Do I Harvest My Plants?

Understanding When to Harvest

If you are interested in how to grow weed indoors, you will eventually need to know how to harvest the weed. When you harvest your marijuana plants makes a big difference in the quality of taste and potency of the marijuana.

For most indoor marijuana strains the time it takes to flower is about 8 weeks after the plant is under a 12 on 12 off light cycle.

There is a window of optimal ripeness of the marijuana buds, this is the window you want to harvest in. for most indoor marijuana plants the window lasts about 2 weeks.

What to look for in a ripe bud?

Experts will use a magnifying glass to inspect the trichomes of each flower. Trichomes are basically the glands of the plant that produces the THC we enjoy. Trichomes are located on the buds flowers, technically called calyxes. You can purchase a 30x light microscope at most electronic stores, when looking at trichomes through a scope like this you can learn a lot about the ripeness of them. A little experience can show you when to harvest at the perfect time.

These trichomes will lift and swell, usually they turn a dark amber color. The greater number of trichomes and greater concentration the better. At about 7 weeks of an indoor marijuana strains flowering cycle you will see the calyxes really swollen up and many trichomes forming. The plant is ready for harvest when 90% of the trichomes are swollen and have turned amber.

It takes patience to let this process happen. It is tempting to harvest the swollen flowers early, but remember when you cure the buds they will lose about 1/3 of their weight.

If you wait to long to harvest your plants the calyxes will begin to die and slowly lose their potency.

Experience is the key to hitting it just right. However now that you have read a little about how to grow weed indoors you are a step ahead of the game!

If you’re looking for more information on how to grow weed outdoors then this site will accommodate you with tips and tricks on harvesting 16- 24 ounce plants! Outdoor weed is very rewarding but can be tricky! Check it out!

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