What Medium to Grow In?

Deciding on which medium to grow your medicine, Soil? Hydro? 

If you are a newbie to medical marijuana, congratulations! You are in a group who cares about their health and is interested in natural holistic ways of healing. Along with all the benefits of the medicine itself, growing your own medicine can be very therapeutic. Just a few words of advice here on which mediums are best to grow in.

For most beginners soil will be the best choice. It is forgiving and easy to maintain. Also it produces some of the best quality medicine and makes a great starting medium for an organic grow.

For some technical patients who don’t mind research and learning hydroponics may offer the perfect challenge. Hydroponics is a method of growing where the plants are fed from a nutrient solution. These solutions can be tricky and take practice and experience to master. The benefits of growing in hydroponics is that all variables can be controlled much more strictly.

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