How to Grow Weed Indoors Easily 

How to Grow Weed Indoors

Tips and information on How to Grow Weed Indoors. We are passionate about alternative medicine and want it to be easy and accessible for everyone who needs it!

This lens describes, How to grow on a budget, When to harvest your plants, Tips on growing in a confined space or closet as well as ongoing articles. Thanks For Viewing

How to grow Weed Indoors | Closet Growing 

Growing In confined Spaces 

Many people live in climates where growing weed indoors is their only option. Maybe it is too dry where you live or maybe it is just too risky to have plants outside. Either way before you consider growing weed indoors you should consider a few things.

Where are you going to be growing?

Do you have a lot of space like in a basement? Or are you thinking more of a closet grow? Are you going to purchase a grow tent or just use the space you have? If you do happen to have spare space in your basement then kudos to you, many marijuana enthusiasts do not. For those people with nice basements the possibilities are endless. For those of use who have limited space more planning needs to be done.

If you are growing in a closet follow these tips;

  • Keep the space overly clean

Chances are that the closet you plan on using hasn’t been cleaned in a long time, the space can collect dead bugs, mice poop, countless spider webs and many other things that could be disaster to your plants. A closet is a confined space where a small amount of pollutants can ruin anything you try to grow in there. If there is a carpet in the closet either tear it up or clean it extensively and then cover it.

  • Ventilate it

The most simple way of ventilating a closet to grow weed indoors is to just open the door a few times a day. Obviously this is not the optimal situation but it can work. The best way to ventilate a closet would be to have incoming and outgoing vents. This is not always possible, maybe you don’t want to cut holes in your closet or maybe you cant because your renting etc. No matter how you choose to ventilate your closet you will need to have oscillating fans circulating air around the closet. This will be your first line of defense against bugs and pollutants and keep the air around the plants fresh.

  • Examine plants often

This is a rule anytime you are growing weed indoors but it is extra important to a closet grow. Inspect each leave of the plants for mites and other bugs. If you find some take the necessary steps to alleviate them, if the problem can not be controlled you will need tot quarantine the infected plant so that it doesn’t ruin the whole crop.

These are some essential tips to follow to have successful closet grow. If you need to know how to grow weed indoors this is a great place to start. These simple tips will help keep plants alive in a confined space like a closet, YOU NEED TO FOLLOW THESE STEPS if you want your plants to make it to flowering. Good luck!

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